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Inner Harmony

Massage & relaxation at Hotel Neue Post

We will pamper you with strokes for body and soul. Find inner harmony and relaxation through touch, using both powerful and gentle hand techniques. Bookable at our reception.


Massage at Hotel Neue Post in Mayrhofen

Type of Massage Duration Price
Classic full-body massage 45 min. € 49.00
Classic partial massage
Relieves muscle tension, speeds up regeneration of the muscles and stimulates blood flow - for deep relaxation.
20 min. € 29.00
Aromatherapy massage
A light and gentle full-body massage with valuable aromatic oils that have a calming, purifying, simulating or refreshing effect. A genuine wellness experience!
50 min. € 52.00
Lymph drainage from Dr. Vodder - full-body 60 min. € 60.00
Lymph drainage from Dr. Vodder - partial-body

By gently massaging the skin with a circular motion, build-ups of lymph fluids and toxins are removed from the tissues. Gently clears and drains blockages in the body.
Recommended in cases of blockages due to oedema, badly strained legs, after an accident, operations and problems due to nervous conditions.
30 min. € 42.00
Hot lava stone - full-body
A combination of warmth and intensive massage techniques – both by hand and with stones – improves the circulation and provides deep muscle relaxation. The treatment also stimulates the body's powers of self-healing and produces a great feeling of wellbeing!
90 min. € 80.00
Sports massage
Gentle hand movements on strained and "over-acidified" leg muscles, as well as relaxing back massage. The ideal combination after a long day's skiing!
30 min. € 39.00

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