Quality you can taste

Own Farm Produce

Having our own farm means that we can rely on our own production for many ingredients. It's fully operational the whole year: pigs, beef cattle and calves are bred; and milk is made into cheese and butter. During the summer months, our cattle go up into Breitlahneralm. Because of traditional know-how in rearing and extensive experience in cattle farming in the Alps, the meat from our animals is characterised by a fine and even marbling, tenderness and an excellent taste.

Respecting Nature

Your well-being is important to us, just like respecting nature and local produce. The demands that we make on ourselves and our staff are ultimately something from which you, as a holiday guest, can benefit from. 

Serving the very best quality

‘Almabtrieb’ (cattle drive) at Mayrhofen

Our Alpine Farm

From May to the beginning of October our cattle are located in mountain pastures in Ginzling. Here they can graze on the best grass and recuperate. Our herdsman spends the entire summer up there, taking care of the cows and calves.

Regional cuisine at the Hotel

Alpine Farming

Our Alpine farm, together with the Chapel of  St Leonhard (opened in 2009), is located 17 km away at Breitlahner in beautiful Ginzling. Our cattle are allowed to enjoy a summer retreat in Breitlahner Alm from May until the beginning of September. They traditionally make the arduous journey from their Alpine pastures back to Mayrhofen on the first Saturday in October, festooned with flowers. Once the cows have returned safely home, there is naturally cause for big celebrations.