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Simply Good Hospitality

A family-run hotel for generations

Fritz and Gisela Pfister took over Hotel "Neue Post" in Mayrhofen from their parents in 1961 and have been running it for over forty years – a hospitality tradition that the numerous guests who return to us time and time again can tell you a lot about. In the early days of tourism, many guesthouses were built in the surrounding valleys; which is why in 1927 Wilhelm decided to build "Kolmhaus" in Brandberger Kolm- in an area that had then yet to be developed. Today, it still belongs to the family.

In the meantime, the next generation - son Wilhelm and his wife Elisabeth, together with their children Wilhelm, Hannes, Christoph and Nina - & their children (already in its 4th generation) have been carrying on this tradition with great commitment.

What the entire Pfister Family have in common: their sincere efforts to offer all guests at the Neue Post in Mayrhofen an atmosphere where they can relax and feel at home.

Family Pfister Hotel Neue Post Mayrhofen

Combining Traditional and Modern

4 centuries of offering hospitality

Originally known as "Glasnergut" and listed in the Salzburg trade registry from 1664 as having a "tavern or inn license", it was probably renamed "Gasthof zum Stern" when tourism began at the end of the 19th century.

Hunting had already provided the first impulse for rapidly growing tourism in the middle of the century: the Princes of Auersberg and Fürstenberg came to Zillertal for their annual autumn hunt and alighted at the "Gasthaus zum Stern".

Familie Pfister Hotel Neue Post Mayrhofen

Quality you could taste

Our former Own Farm Produce

Having our own former farm means that we could rely on our own production for many ingredients. It was fully operational the whole year: pigs, beef cattle and calves were bred; and milk was made into cheese and butter. During the summer months, our cattle went up into Breitlahneralm. Because of traditional know-how in rearing and extensive experience in cattle farming in the Alps, the meat from our animals was characterised by a fine and even marbling, tenderness and an excellent taste.

Hotel Neue Post Through the Years

traditionell Hotel Neue Post Mayrhofen

The Neue Post as it was ...

In 1825, it was acquired by Herr Josef Wildauer and, 20 years later, passed on to his son Ludwig Wildauer.

During this period, the post office was relocated to his establishment and it was renamed "Neue Post". It still bears this name today.


Over the course of time

In 1902 the Zillertal Railway was built as far as Mayrhofen, so that uncomfortable journeys by horse-drawn omnibus were no longer necessary and tourism experienced a new boom.

Construction of the Penken cable car in 1954 laid the foundation for a 2nd era.


The 'Neue Post' in 2015

The house, with all its varied history, has stood for 345 years. With highs and lows, good times and bad times.
But care has always been taken to offer guests a temporary home, food and drink, a roof over their heads and - last but not least - good entertainment.